Why I stopped blogging

Vulnerability post ahead…

I would like to say that I haven’t been posting as much because our household has been sick for the last three weeks, or because I have been busy with school… but that just isn’t the truth.

I let myself lose my love for blogging for two reasons:

  1. A silly fight with my sister over blogging (which of course our issues run deeper than blogging)
  2. I let it all get to my head

When I started blogging, my main goal was to help others through my own personal experiences…I never expected it to grow as fast or as big as it did. So, I started putting all of my efforts into social media and started focusing on insignificant details.

I realized that I could turn my hobby into a business and I started wasting time in certain areas that weren’t serving my original goal of helping others.

I got sucked into the Instagram world.

Don’t get me wrong…I have met wonderful people through Instagram, and have had a lot of fun creating content for it, but I slowly got dragged into the numbers game and started focusing on insignificant details that wasn’t useful for anyone other than myself.

I lost my love for blogging because I allowed myself to forget my main purpose.

I always said if I could reach at least one person then it would be worth it. But when I reached 1k followers in a short amount of time, I became obsessed with reaching more. I became obsessed with the amount of likes I was getting on each photo. For that short time, my focus shifted from helping others to helping myself and I am ashamed.

From here on out, my goal is to focus more on YOU!

School did get harder, and it’s only going to get harder every week, but I am going to write as much content as I can because my goal is to help, inspire, or encourage at least one person in every post.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!




  1. Natalie Lang | 8th Dec 17

    this sister of yours, she sounds pretty awesome to me… she must have a younger annoying sister though… not sure hahaha… ps when is the next post coming I can’t wait!

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