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Want to be my mommy friend?

“Hi my name is Christie, this is my son Keo, do you want to be our friend?”

One thing people don’t tell you when you become a mom is how lonely it can be! I have non-mom friends who mean well, but they just don’t understand what it is like being a mom! There is just something about experiencing motherhood that non-mom friends won’t understand or relate to until they are moms. So until then.. the search for mom friends begins!

Real mom friends are hard to find because every mom wants to pretend like they have it all together. Guilty! We post that one picture in one hundred where we actually put makeup on, wore something other than yoga pants, and a shirt without food or boogers on it. Yes, boogers.

We currently moved to a new city, so I am trying to find some friends for me and my son. It’s hard! Finding mom friends is worse than dating! I have gone to playgroups, playgrounds, and storytimes where the moms sit around, barely speak, and focus on their babies. I think we are all feeling the same thing, but we are just too shy to say “Hi, I am lonely. Want to be friends?”

Going to these groups feels kind of like speed dating. Truthfully,  I have never gone speed dating but I can imagine that you walk into the room not knowing anyone, look around, find the best potentinal, and hope you have enough in common to make it work out. But here is the catch. You aren’t only interviewing for yourself…you’re baby has to pass the test! It doesn’t matter if you and the mom hit it off. If they have a small 4 month old, and you have the walking toddler, the chances of that relationship working is slim to none.

As you can see, it is very hard to find mom friends! So to every mom out there just looking for their mom-friend soulmate, remember that you are not alone, and that other mom might just be as desperate as you to have an adult conversation. So the next time you are at story time or on the playground, just say hi to the mom beside you and go for it!



2 thoughts on “Want to be my mommy friend?

  1. love this post! it is so true, I used to sit there hoping our eyes would meet or our kids start fighting over a toy. Just to start up a conversation. I went many months without mom friends and finally realized I just have to go out and possibly embarrass myself and say hi. Best tip is to compliment their child. Pick a mom that has a child close in age to yours and go from there 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

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