Naptime Struggles #1

I envy the moms with babies that sleep through the night at an early age.

Not only was my son a bad sleeper and far from sleeping through the night (he still isn’t), he was a terrible napper! I’m talking 30 minute naps, most of which were in my arms the first 6 months of his life.

If I could somehow manage to get him down to sleep on his own, I had between 15-20 minutes to “relax”. Or more like wash clothes, do the dishes, attempt to make lunch, or clean. Out of these options, I had to pick one and halfway accomplish it. There was no time for rest or to nap when the baby naps like every mom tells you to.

I am pretty sure my son can tell when I am trying to rest or do something for myself because he immediately wakes up. without. fail.

My son is now one and somehow, without anything special on my part, he is taking better and longer naps!

The only problem is that they vary from nap-to-nap. They range anywhere between 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Because the time varies, I never know what to do when he is asleep. Sometimes I attempt to workout and shower or do something for myself. Other times I work around the house and wash clothes. Or I usually work on an assignments for school.

I usually can accomplish one of those things above, but I get “naptime anxiety” because I am always anxious that he is going to wake up. Also, nine times out of ten, he still wakes up when I am trying to enjoy myself.

All of this leads me to #naptimestruggle1:
When I don’t do anything because I’m sure he is going to wake up, he decides to take the two hour nap. When I try to accomplish more, he wakes up.

I wish I could at least relax and enjoy the time when I am waiting but I don’t because I’m either waiting for him to wake up, or I am annoyed that I could be doing something but I wasted the time.

Even now as I write this post and take the time for myself, I am experiencing it! With every word I write, I feel the clock ticking away and getting closer to my son waking up. Or I feel guilty because I could be working on an assignment or making breakfast.

The struggle is real y’all!

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