Keo’s First Haircut!

I have been patiently waiting for Pedro to give the ok to take Keo to get his first haircut. I joke and say Keo has JT hair in the back and Beiber hair up front 😉 His hair was getting long and hard to manage so it was time for a haircut!

I loved his curls and the straight section in the front reminded me of his newborn hair, but you can see how long it was getting.

We went to a local children’s hair salon and it was perfect because Keo is currently obsessed with these children’s car! It lit up, made sounds, and he could press lots of buttons to keep himself entertained.

There was a screen in front of him playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but he was more interested in the car and the people around him.

I mean how cute it he?? I just can’t get enough of that sweet face!

He got through the haircut like a champ with no tears. He only complained a little when she took out the hair clipper.

Overall, Keo did GREAT getting his first haircut. I heard a lot about moms crying or sobbing during the haircut, but I was pretty excited! However, I did get home and freak out and question what crazy thing did my husband just let me do! haha!

It’s crazy because Keo lost a little of his baby look with the haircut and definitely looks more like a toddler, but I LOVE it and I am glad we took him. The haircut really brought out his curls (even though it looks wavy in this picture) and I just think he looks so cute and more like a boy.


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