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Favorite Baby Products for Babies with Sensitive Skin 

Keo had Sensitive Skin from DAY ONE.

He has eczema just like his mama, so we had to find the best products that worked for his sensitive skin.

My goal with this post is to help you from wasting any money trying to figure out what products work for babies with sensitive skin.

Here is a list of my favorites:

1. A & D Diaper Rash Ointment

Keo got a HORRIBLE butt rash in his first week of birth. I’m talking open sores butt rash which was caused from his GERD (the acid in his poop) and milk that I was giving him through breastfeeding.

I hate looking back on those times because all I remember was feeling so sad for him, and feeling so defeated because nothing I bought worked. I could only imagine the pain my poor newborn son was feeling.

After buying every product recommended by friends and family, and even doctor prescribed concoctions, I finally found this perfect ointment!

It turns out Keo was extremely sensitive to the ingredient Zinc found in every diaper rash cream.

This was one of the last products I reluctantly bought, but it was the only thing to clear up his awful rash.

2.Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

We got so many different kinds of wipes from our baby shower (which I am SO thankful for) but the alcohol in the wipes hurt Keo’s butt (even after the rash cleared).

It took us 7 months of cleaning Keo’s bum in the sink before we found these wonderful wipes!

Water wipes are also great, but the packaging stinks and I like the texture of these wipes better!

Side note: these are the wipes the hospital gave us, so we really should have just stuck with that from the beginning, because that is what worked.

3.Pampers Swaddlers

This is another product we got from the hospital and I think these are the BEST diapers on the market.

Yes, they are more expensive but I think you get your money’s worth.

We tried Huggies, Luvs, and up & up diapers-Pampers is the best by far!

Keo never got a rash with Pampers diapers and he did with the other brands.

Keo outgrew Swaddlers, but we moved to Baby dry and we love them even more!

4.Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

Keo had an on-and-off again face rash in the first few months.

His pediatrician said it was from the acid in his drool from his GERD.

Whatever the cause was, this healing ointment helped keep it from spreading and getting worse.

It is water based so it’s ok if a little gets in the babies mouth.

5.Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream For Sensitive Skin

We tried a lot of lotions but this was the only one to help Keo’s eczema.

The only downfall it is a little sticky (it really coats the skin) and it doesn’t have the good baby smell that other lotions have,

but the fragrance found in other lotions actually makes eczema worse- so i’ll pass!

Consistency is the key in avoiding eczema from spreading.

When there is an eczema breakout, apply this lotion at every diaper change and it should help with!

favorite baby products for babies with sensitive skin

I hope you like these products as much as I do!

As Always,



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