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Dear Mom, Stop Letting Fear CONTROL You!

I let my fear control me for too long, and my hope with this post is to encourage you from making the same mistake.

Your fear might be different from mine, but I am here to tell you to STOP LETTING IT CONTROL YOU!!! 

This is a picture of my first time eating outside of the house alone with son! This might not seem like a big deal to most people but it is HUGE for me.

I’ll be honest. Most experienced moms (and even some FTM’s) aren’t afraid of going out by themselves with their baby/toddler but I am.

I am afraid of my son crying…

I am afraid of him throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store…

I am afraid of what other people will think or say…

I am afraid of the stares when my son does inevitably cry…

I am afraid.

My husband worked from home the first year of Keo’s life and had an incredibly flexible schedule so he was available to go to every doctor’s appointment and outing with me and Keo. Now, he has a corporate job with awful hours and it has forced me to be more independent with Keo.

I pretty much only went out with Keo when it was necessary. 

All of the fun activities could wait until I could go with my husband or a friend.

I did take Keo to storytime, Target, etc…but it was a quick trip in and out.

I never enjoyed it because I was afraid.

Then I realized how much I was depriving myself of truly enjoying time alone with my son.

Going out with him doesn’t have to only be about running errands, and I don’t always need company in order to enjoy going out with him!

So I decided to fight my fears and go for it, because after all…what is the worse that can happen, right?

Let me tell you…

He did cry and get upset at times, and he even choked on his chicken (swallowing problems). I felt lonely sitting at the play park with no one to talk to because everyone went with their friends.

But I also got to hold his hand while we walked around in the mall, played in the cars, waved hi and bye to the train, danced to the music, and took a fun Photo Booth selfie (which of course he did not participate in) but WE HAD FUN.

People will always stare and have something to say, and if you have a baby/toddler- they will cry and they will get upset! 

The important thing I want you to understand: DO NOT let those fears stop you from living. 

As Always,


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7 thoughts on “Dear Mom, Stop Letting Fear CONTROL You!

  1. I’m Glad you got out of your shell mama. I can totally relate to you because I felt the same way when my youngest was still a baby. But I pushed my self and I felt so proud of my self. Now i go out with the two of them everywhere And on my own because we don’t have family or friends where we live and my husband is always working. On the weekends we plan other family outings.

  2. I’m glad you got our of your shell. I can relate to this so much. I felt the same way when my youngest was a newborn. But I pushed my self and I felt so proud afterwards. Now I go out with the two of them alone all the time and we go almost everywhere because my husband works all the time and we don’t have family or friends here.

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