5 tips for new moms!

Tip #1: Trust in Your Instincts!

Every mom-to-be or new mom has probably heard this one countless times. I heard this even before I was pregnant. Hearing it wasn’t enough. I had to experience this tip multiple times before I not only understood it, but believed in myself as a new mom.

There were a few times in the beginning where I listened to what other experienced moms told me to do with my son even if I didn’t agree or thought something else. I figured that they had the experience and they just knew. However, 9 out of 10 times I was right in whatever was best for my son. Out of respect, I listened to them and did what they told me to do, but that was one of the worst things I could have done. I didn’t have a voice. I wasn’t bonding or connecting with my son because I was just doing what I was being told to instead of actually being his mom.

This all changed in an instant. You see, my son would not sleep or eat, and he cried uncontrollably. He seemed uncomfortable. Everyone kept telling me he was either hungry, tired, or just gassy. I didn’t agree and I thought it was my milk that was hurting him, and it turned out I right!

I learned that even though I was a new mom, the only person who could take care of my son and knew what he needed was me.

Tip #2: Buy Bigger Size Clothes

My son was born weighing 10 pounds 7 ounces. I had the perfect pregnancy without any health concerns or gestational diabetes, and I gained the exact amount of weight I was supposed to gain. My son was just a natural born chunk. He skipped the newborn size completely! He was so big that the hat, shirt, and socks the hospital proved didn’t fit him haha! The perfect hospital outfits and going home outfit I picked out months before didn’t even fit over his head (99th percentile from day 1). He only wore newborn diapers in the hospital before we moved onto a higher size. Our son was born right into size 0-3 months baby clothes, which he quickly outgrew in the first month.
Now, I know most people won’t have a Big Baby like I did, but no matter what, it is important to buy clothes one or two sizes up!
Newborn clothes are so tiny and cute, and new moms, family, and friends love them and like to stock up the closet with newborn clothes. But I strongly recommend to buy only a couple of newborn outfits, and buy mostly size 0-3 months clothes or higher!
In the beginning, you are changing SO many diapers and outfits because of blowouts or spit up. The outfits get dirty so fast. Especially if you have boys, but I’ll let you figure that one out 😉

Tip #3: New baby clothes/accessories are nice, but aren’t necessary

This one kind of piggy-backs off tip #2.
My husband and I were adamant about buying new clothes for our son and only from good, high-end brands. This was extremely silly of us because not only did we not have the money for that, but as I mentioned… they get dirty so fast and barely last two hours on. Some of our favorite clothes were either from our baby shower or hand-me-downs from friends. There is nothing that hot water and Dreft can’t clean 😋

Tip #4: Baby Blues

Ok, this is a major one for me. I am not sure if every mom experiences it, or if they are too ashamed to talk about how they feel after the have a baby, but baby blues is a REAL thing and I want you to know that it’s NORMAL.

I thought I was the worst mom ever because I didn’t immediately connect with my baby like everyone says happens in the beginning. I was sad and crying all day long, which made me even more sad because I thought I should have been on cloud nine.

It took 3-4 weeks for my hormones to balance and for me to fully recover from my c-section for me to start feeling normal again.

Tip #5: Feeding Your Baby

It doesn’t matter whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding. The important thing is that you are feeding your baby.

I spent majority of my sons first year feeling this intense guilt because I wasn’t breastfeeding him. I tried and truly wanted to but there were too many complications, and in the end my doctor told us to switch to bottle feeding.

Even despite trying and getting the doctors approval to stop, I felt like the worst mother in the world because “breast is best.” I don’t doubt the benefits breastfeeding has over bottle feeding, but breast isn’t best. Caring for your baby and feeding them is best. It took many months for me to realize that.

Don’t get me wrong.. I am not criticizing breastfeeding, in fact, I am going to try again with our next baby. I just disagree and am tired of everyone who wants to shame moms personal decision on how to feed their baby.

Honestly, do whatever YOU feel is right (mom instinct) for your baby. Because even breastfeeding moms hear crap. No one knows what’s better for your child than you do! Trust in yourself!!


  1. Natalie | 11th Jul 17

    Love tip #3 so true. Now a days there is so many things that are mega cute to have but not really necessary to have. especially clothes they go so fast.

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