15-16 month old daily routine

I wish I kept track Keo’s daily sleep schedule/ routine from DAY 1.

It will be nice to look back and see what our days looked like  and be able to compare it later on with our next baby.

One of the things I googled the most was other mom’s daily routines with their baby & sleep/feeding schedules.

I know every baby is different and every day is different, but it was nice to compare our sleep/feeding schedule to what other moms were doing.

I used their schedule as a tool for me to base mine around.

For that reason, I decided to go ahead a log what a normal day for us looks like: Scroll all the way down for the detailed image to PIN! 

6am- Wake up, give Keo milk, and spend time playing together in his room while we wake up. 

7am- Make breakfast while Keo plays, then we all eat together.

8am- Family time

9am- Bath time

10am- Keo has a snack, then he plays or watches his show while I clean up. 

11am– Keo goes down for his nap and usually sleep for about 2 hours

12pm- I cook lunch, clean, and/or work on school while I wait for Keo to wake up

1pm- Keo wakes up and we both eat lunch together

2pm- More playtime, run errands, go to the park, or any other fun activities.

3pm- same as above

4pm-Give Keo a snack & more playtime after

5pm- Go for another walk, play outside, say hi to the birds and the planes 😉

6pm- Cook and eat dinner, clean-up, and go through our bedtime routine

7pm- Give Keo his milk, rock him, sing our song, and put him down for the night.

*This is what an average day looks like for us. It changes depending on when Keo wakes up or what we have planned for the day. Not every day looks like this, and sometimes we have to adjust our schedule or push nap time. But for the most part, this is what a typical day at home looks like for us* 

daily routine for 15-16 month old

Select the image below to PIN for future reference!

toddler daily routine




  1. Shanika | 27th Oct 17

    Your schedule seems like such a great routine! I wish that I can get my little guy on a schedule. He’s more of a “free spirit” and doesn’t like to be forced into a rigid structure! Haha! I think I should have started this during his younger months! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Simply My Bella Vida | 29th Oct 17

      I guess this was more of an average day that week because it has changed a little since then, and really any day can be different

  2. Pamela | 28th Oct 17

    Interesting, I never kept a schedule with my kids but then that was many years ago. Looks like your doing a great job!

    • Simply My Bella Vida | 29th Oct 17

      Thank you! We try to keep the structure of this schedule but we realize there is a lot of flexibility in our routine.

  3. magen | 28th Oct 17

    I love seeing other people’s routines with their kids. At this age I had no idea what kind of schedule to put my son on or when I needed to be feeding him. As silly as it sounds he never just asked for food when he was hungry.
    magen recently posted…Cozy Winter Activities To Bring The Family TogetherMy Profile

    • Simply My Bella Vida | 29th Oct 17

      Wow! That’s incredible. My son was, and still is very vocal when he wants food haha! I really stuck to a feeding routine in the early months

  4. Brittany Colasuonno | 29th Oct 17

    I strongly believe in schedules! They make our lives so much easier and ours looks pretty similar to ours.

    • Simply My Bella Vida | 29th Oct 17

      I agree! Schedules are especially great for younger children and babies! They need some kind of daily routine.

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