10 facts about me

1. I have naturally curly hair, but I have been straightening it since 7th grade so I am starting to lose my curls.

2. The cleaning product aisle is my favorite aisle in the grocery store.

3. Cleaning and Baking are my go-to stress relief activities.

4. I have a candle obsession. If my husband would let me, I would buy a new candle every time I went out. I just settle to stop and smell them 😉

5. I am very shy at first until you get to know me, then I warm up and feel more like myself.

6. I love Italian food! I could eat at Olive Garden every single day.

7. I am a big extrovert, but I still enjoy staying home sometimes cuddled on the couch reading a  good book or watching my favorite show.

8. Even though I was raised in the United States, I have a lot of pride for the Venezuelan culture, people, and the food. If things weren’t so bad, we would be living there right now.

9. I am a girly girl and proud of it. Right now I am loving everything nude and pink-lipstick, nail polish, clothes, and more!

10. I am, and will always be, a big Disney and Pixar movie fan. Moana is my favorite, but I am still waiting for a Latina Princess movie to come out.

Here is what trying to take a selfie ended in:

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