10 little things that help make a difference in your marriage

  1. Always greet each other warmly

    It can be easy to greet your spouse with exhaustion due to a long day at work, or from being with the kids all day. Try your best to put the day behind you and greet your spouse with a warm smile. I understand that there will be days where greeting your spouse in this way will be harder than other days, but try your best to make this a daily practice.

  2. Always give each other a kiss hello & goodbye

    No matter the day, mood, or time, kissing your spouse when you first see them and when they leave is important.

  3. Be quick to forgiveness

    Moods, tempers, and stressful moments can create a fight. Fighting happens, but be quick to forgive your spouse, especially if they were in the wrong because this shows them grace and hopefully will help them to forgive you when you are wrong.

  4. Think before you speak

    Thinking before you speak will help to avoid a lot of silly arguments that come from saying something you don’t mean, or perhaps came out the wrong way.

  5. Unexpected acts of kindness

    This can be anything from taking out the trash to buying flowers. Unexpected acts of kindness help build your marriage and draw you closer to one another.

  6. Give each other praise & thanks

    Constantly build your spouse up by praising them! Thank them for their work inside and outside of the home. From the small meaningless chores to the bigger tasks, encouraging them helps to build up their confidence and self-esteem.

  7. Cuddle often

    This one doesn’t need as much explaining. Non-sexual physical contact helps to build the intimacy throughout the day.

  8. Kiss on the lips

    In the rush of day-to-day life, kissing on the cheek or not at all can become the standard. Make the effort to kiss your spouse on the lips throughout the day.

  9. Create a loving gesture only your spouse understands that lets them know you love them

    This is my favorite. I would tell you what ours is, but that defeats the purpose of this point 😉

  10. Be playful 

    Have FUN with one another! Adulthood (and parenthood for some)  is too stressful not to have fun with your spouse. Make up a silly game, dance in the rain, laugh, and just enjoy each other!

I hope these 10 little things help you and make a difference in your marriage!

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things that improve and help marraiges


  1. Lori Geurin | 30th Sep 17

    These are all great tips that truly do a make a big impact in your marriage, Christie! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think being quick to forgive is so important to keeping communication open. Extending grace to another when they don’t deserve it can be hard, but we all make mistakes and it can go a long way in showing the other person how much they mean to you.

  2. Amber Nelson | 1st Oct 17

    These are great tips. I think we often forget to be fun playful in marriage. It doesn’t always have to be serious!

  3. Melissa Chapman | 2nd Oct 17

    I love all those things showing appreciation and warmth is always important. I sometimes forget these things but you really need them to keep the marriage fresh.

  4. Virjinia Harp | 3rd Oct 17

    I really love these. Kissing hello and goodbye is a HUGE one for me. I’m not sure how other couples can part ways without doing so. Cuddling is a huge favorite of mine. My husband isn’t always in the mood for it but it does bring us closer together!

  5. Alfa Sengupta | 4th Oct 17

    All of these!! Love them all!! Hard to actually do everyday, but I want to get there!!

  6. Shannan Panganiban | 4th Oct 17

    love love love these reminders

  7. Toughcookiemommy | 7th Oct 17

    Forgiving quickly is so important. Holding on to things is really toxic and it can create resentment between the two people.

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